Bluffs of Weiss


NE Alabama - Nearby Towns and Cities

Weiss Lake

Weiss Lake is an Alabama Power-controlled hydro-electric production lake and is supplied by three major rivers, plus numerous creeks and other spring-fed streams.  It is among the largest lakes in the southeast and is nationally recognized for its excellent crappie and bass fishing.  However, given its size (30,000+ acres/52 miles long/450 miles of shoreline) and the fact that Weiss Lake is relatively un-crowded, visitors come to participate in all major fresh water recreational activities. 

Cherokee County

One of Alabama’s ten fastest growing counties, Cherokee County has a population nearing 30,000 and a large second-home population with absentee owners from all 50 states and 6 foreign countries. The next counties to the east and southeast are Georgia counties, and Tennessee isn’t far away.

Cherokee County is rich in Indian and Civil War history. Much of that history is documented in the Cherokee County Historical Museum located in Centre (5 miles from The Bluffs).

Cedar Bluff, Alabama

Cedar Bluff is a town of 1500 residents, with businesses, municipal services and churches appropriate to a town of its size. For instance, these businesses include: a grocery store; pharmacy; health club; restaurants; marinas; motels; beverage stores; hardware store; banks; etc.  

Centre, Alabama

Centre, a town of approximately 5,000 residents is located 5 miles from Cedar Bluff and is the County Seat of Cherokee County. In addition to big box retailers and major pharmacy stores, Centre has a general aviation airport, a hospital and several other healthcare clinics. The Centre Municipal Airport runway has recently been extended to 9,000 feet, with the expectation of landing any size business jets and cargo carriers. Weiss Lake is an important asset to Centre, with the expected associated businesses which support the thousands of lake recreation-seeking visitors each year.


Nearby Mid-Sized Cities

Rome, Georgia

Rome is located just 25, mostly 4-lane miles from Cedar Bluff. It is a city of 35,000 citizens and 90,000 residents within its SMSA. Of course, all major services are available in Rome, including a minor league professional baseball team, four full-degree colleges, and many restaurants and hotels. It should be noted that Rome has the highest per-capita number of healthcare professionals of any city in Georgia; two of the highest rated hospitals in the southeast; and is home to the Harbin Clinic, a nationally renowned group of medical professionals with multiple specialties.

Fort Payne, Alabama

Fort Payne is 23 very-scenic miles from Cedar Bluff and has a population of 15,000. Traveling from Cedar Bluff to Fort Payne, you will pass some of the most breathtaking mountain streams in the southeast, including Little River as it travels through Little River Canyon. Hiking paths are frequent, and Desoto State Park, with its rustic lodge represents the best in outdoor adventures.

Gadsden, Alabama

Gadsden is 35 miles from Cedar Bluff and has a population of 40,000, with over 100,000 people in the SMSA. It is also well known for its healthcare centers, hospitals, and health professionals. Of course, a city this size supports branches of most hotels and restaurants. Talladega Motor Speedway is just a few miles from Gadsden, and contributes to the tourist dollars for the area.


Nearby Major Cities

Cherokee County

Cherokee County is often referred to as being in the center of the ABC Triangle. It is almost equi-distant from Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. Being 90 miles from Atlanta and Birmingham and 80 miles from Chattanooga is a advantage for such things as air travel, shopping at major department stores, and professional sporting events. Some of the residents at The Bluffs tell us it is just about the “right distance” to allow regular visits from family and friends who live and work in those major cities.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a easy commute on four-laned highways for all but 10 miles. From Atlanta, The Bluffs is straight up I 75 toward Chattanooga, then turning onto highway 411 straight through Rome and on to Cedar Bluff. The metropolitan Atlanta area is home to approximately 5.4 million residents. Atlanta is the largest city in the Southeast and serves as the regional business center, transporatation hub and has the 4th largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Atlanta also serves as a major regional healthcare services center.

Birmingham, Alabama

Most travelers from Birmingham find it easiest to take I 59 North to Gadsden, then travel on to Cedar Bluff. Birmingham is the second largest city in the Southeast, with approximately 1.2 million residents in the metropolitan area. Birmingham also serves as a regional business center and regional healthcare services center.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

From Chattanooga, it is an easy drive to take I 59 South to Fort Payne, then take the scenic drive to Cedar Bluff. The Chattanooga metropolitan area is home to approximately 500,000 residents.