Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Bankhead National Forest 

A visit from your Weiss Lake property at The Bluffs to Bankhead National Forest can be a real adventure. Bankhead National Forest is known for its natural forests and scenic topography. It is located in north Alabama and offers a variety of entertaining diversion including its multi-level camping experiences. The forest extends for 180,000 acres and consists of hardwood and pine trees along with deep gorges, gurgling streams and plenty of wildlife.

Bankhead National Forest is a significant part of the Warrior Mountains, and occupies the western terminus of the Appalachian Mountains. The forest benefits the area through recreation, wildlife and fish, timber, water and soil, wilderness and range. It is the largest tract of remaining unfragmented deciduous forest in the area, which continues to provide protection of water quality and serve as a watershed to local municipalities.

This forest is a home to diverse plant, animal, and aquatic wildlife including threatened, endangered and sensitive species. The forest along with cultural and historical significance for residents and surrounding communities, also has spiritual significance for the Native American tribal members, and scientific and research significance to academic and scientific communities.

Secrets of Bankhead National Forest – Sipsey Wilderness

The main jewel of Bankhead National Forest is the Sipsey Wilderness, which is also called the “Land of Thousand Waterfalls”. There is a maze of deep lush grown canyons, upland ridges, deep hollows and limestone wonders that have formed from millions of years of water flowing over the Cumberland Plateau. You may feel overwhelmed by the huge and gigantic trees in this forest. Older trees and stumps often include varieties of eastern hemlock, yellow pine, cucumber magnolia and others. The atmosphere is simply unique as the rustling of the trees mingle with the music of falling waters and a wonderful sound surrounds you.

Bankhead National Forest also harbors another spectacular aspect of nature - the ever-babbling stream. The river is known as Sipsey Fork and is remarkable, for it is the only scenic, nationally wild and fine canoeing stream in the entire state of Alabama. As you move towards the southeast corner of the forest, you will discover another lake called Lewis Smith Lake, which is surrounded by the Bankhead National Forest. While you leisure by the lake, not only can you enjoy its crystal clear water, but you can also do some excellent bass and bluegill fishing.

Campgrounds in Bankhead National Forest

Bankhead National Forest is also a home to Brushy Lake campground, which offers a semi-wilderness camping experience. The campground also offers you to camp with added amenities. The camps are equipped with hot showers and flush toilet facilities, tables, communal water spigots and al fresco opportunities, where you can enjoy fire-rings and camping. The other campgrounds “Corinth”, “Clear Creek” and “Houston” also offer friendly wheelchair access, cooling shades in summer and boat ramps where you can enjoy complete seclusion amidst nature.