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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Helen Keller Festival in Alabama

In 1979, the Helen Keller Festival begun for the first time in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The festival occurs during June 22 - 26 and presents some of the area's best music, art and entertainment. Thousands of visitors from all over the area come to Tuscumbia, Alabama every year at this time to celebrate the achievements of this remarkable woman. Fun, food, music, and entertainment - that is what constitutes the entire Helen Keller festival in Alabama.

History of Helen Keller 

Helen Keller was born and raised in Northwest Alabama but it was in Tuscumbia that she had actually learned how to communicate to other people. Her communication to other people was possible only because of the tireless efforts of her teacher, Anne Sullivan. With both her seeing and hearing impairments, Helen Keller became an international symbol hope and determination.

SUffering a terrible handicap, she spent her whole life improving the conditions of the people suffering from blindness, deafness and deaf-blindness. The Helen Keller Festival is thus celebrated to honor her spirit and her lifelong efforts to better the lives of other people.

Schedule of events in Helen Keller Festival

The festival occurs from June 22- June 26, of every year. June 22nd witnesses the special events like The King’s Messengers and The Florida Boys. While June 23rd witnesses the events like Sign Painters and Salute to 115th Signal Battalion, featuring Anslee Burns, June 24th witnesses the special events like The Congletons, Daniel Holland, Tracie’s Twirlers, Smokin Country, Jeremy Easley, James Ed Combo, Daniel Holland, Beth Bosheers, Gamble Brothers Band and The Dempseys. June 25th and June 26th witnesses similar such entertaining programs like Chelsea Yarber, 65 Mustang, Iron Horse, Savanna Smallwood, Jake Lander’s Band and Bluegrass Shade Tree Jammin, Fashion Shows, Silent auctions, respectively.

There are special events and sporting events also held in Helen Keller Festival, which allows people to feed their love for sports.

Following are the different sports events in a typical year:
* June 24th – Miles of Family Bike Ride
* June 25th – Five Mile and One mile Fun Run, Five and 10k of American Volkssport Association Walk
* June 25th- June 26th – Golf Tournaments

Following is the special event held in Helen Keller Festival:
* June 25th – Shoals Car and Truck Club Car Show

The celebrations in Helen Keller Festival also include a parade through the downtown streets, stage entertainments, art auctions, puppet shows, tours to the historic sites, art and craft shows, an array of sports and athletics tournaments and many more events.

World recognition of Helen Keller Festival

Since those early Helen Keller Festivals till today, the Festival has gained broad recognition. Today the festival is one of the largest festivals in the area and has grown to include award-winning arts and crafts vendors, art exhibits, music concerts and performances of William Gibson’s world famous drama, The Miracle Worker.

Participate in Helen Keller Festival and gain a better understanding of the life and contributions of Helen Keller.