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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Lookout Mountain Parkway

A Place For All Hikers And Trekkers

The Lookout Mountain Parkway is a 93-mile roadway, absolutely perfect for bicyclers, trekkers and hikers. The parkway is famous, as it stretches from Gadsden, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Along the parkway, there are grand waterfalls, spectacular canyons, magnificent villages, unique towns, scenic vistas and state/national parks and preserves.

The Lookout Mountain Parkway remains wonderful and magnificent throughout the year. All four seasons offer something special for a mountain property daytrip from The Bluffs. Witness the blooming of Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurels, majestic foliage, lush green flora and fauna, light snowflakes covering the mountain slides, and also children happily summer camping over the miles of green landscape. While you plan for your journey, park rangers will assist you in making travel plans through the winding lanes.

Places to visit in Lookout Mountain Parkway

The Lookout Mountain Parkway is situated on the Lookout Mountain in Alabama. Jagged and perpendicular cliffs surround the top of the mountain but the mountain slopes down gently towards the bottom.

Following are some of the places you can visit as you travel through the Lookout Mountain Parkway:
* Little River Canyon National Preserve – this flows for most of its length atop Lookout Mountain. It is skirted with forested uplands, canyon rims and bluffs, stream riffles and pools, sandstone cliffs, spectacular boulders, waterfalls, and a variety of other recreational facilities.
* Cloudmont Ski and Golf Resort – the 1000 feet slopes are fun for both beginners and intermediate skiers.
* Noccalula Falls Park – a 90-foot waterfall cascading into beautiful ravines.
* Mentone town – possesses mineral springs, which provide absolute calm and tranquility of mind and body.
* De Soto State Park – has scenic landscapes, sheer rock cliffs, waterfalls, hiking trails, and fragrant waterfalls.
* Rock City – has quiet woodland paths, ancient rock formations, cliff terraces and fairytale vistas of lush-green lands.
* Shady Grove Dude Ranch – is the a great place for families and groups to enjoy a big campfire, hayrides and strolls amidst the cows and cattle pastures.
* Ruby Falls – offering 145’ natural underground waterfalls with fascinating caverns and unique paved level walkways.

Stops Along Lookout Mountain Parkway 

If you want to stop and rest along the way as you visit the scenic attractions and entertaining facilities, then there are a variety of hotels and resorts atop the Lookout Mountain. The Lavish Point Hotel offers rooms with modern amenities and also satisfies the gourmet pleasures of all the tourists. The other hotels like the Lookout Mountain Hotel and Castle in the Clouds Hotel offers rooms that overlook the spectacular mountainous views and appear as beacons of light on the mountaintops.

Trail through the Lookout Mountain Park for a day or for a whole week.