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2012 Southern Living Showcase Home at The Bluffs

A Lew Oliver-designed "Alabama Farm House" that is
the model for practical (cost effective) energy efficiency

Southern Living Showcase Home

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Weiss Lake Real Estate
Alabama Mountain Property Overlooking Weiss Lake


The Bluffs is a gated community in NE Alabama which is situated on a mountain peninsula extending into the 30,000+ acre Weiss Lake. Perched atop the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range, every home site has stunning water views, complemented by equally great views of the surrounding mountains.  

For an interesting electronic tour of the available home sites at The Bluffs, take a look at the photos at Weiss Lake property and mountain homesites.  Every photo was taken from ground level from the noted home site.  No helicopter shots and no photo shopping.


The Bluffs Mountain Community Lifestyle

Weiss Lake Family Outing at The BluffsA home at The Bluffs is more than just an escape from the urban rat race, crowds and traffic jams. The more rural setting is the perfect stage for an often-needed lifestyle change.  The clean mountain air and almost continuous breeze coming off the lake set the stage for spending more time outdoors---and northeast Alabama’s climate allows you to do that almost all year.  Your outdoor time might be spent fly fishing in the development’s private lakes; hiking the mountain trails; watching the pair of bald eagles which nest nearby; picking vegetables and fruit in the The Bluffs garden and orchard; picnicking at The Bluffs gated lakeside recreation area; or any of many more activities that are a vital part of this nature-rich setting.  This lifestyle rejuvenates the body and soul and is a part of The Bluffs Sustainable Living formula.  At The Bluffs you can enjoy the benefits of both Weiss Lake property ownership and mountain living.

Picnic Time - Come Join Us 


A Great Weiss Lake Family Retreat

Swimming Hole at The Bluffs of Weiss LakeThe Bluffs is a place to build life-long memories with your family. It is a place where your children and grandchildren can have more freedom to ride their bikes; go on horseback trail rides; learn to fish; ride a jet ski on Weiss Lake; or simply do individual exploration in an environment which contributes to the development of personal confidence.  There is an almost endless variety of NE Alabama mountain activities and adventures to give them a break from their TV, computers and video games. Yet, when they visit you at The Bluffs they will be less than two hours from family and friends in Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. 

The 'Southern Living' Connection

Southern Living Custom Builder ProgramThe long-time and widely recognized standard of excellence in southern home design and building practices is the Southern Living Custom Builder Program. Southern Living is the South’s editorial authority on home-building and residential design, and has a well-established custom house plans portfolio. The Bluffs is proud to have met the stringent requirements of the Southern Living Custom Builder program and has been selected for membership every year since 2005.  The Bluffs offers the perfect compliment of Weiss Lake Real Estate and classic Southern Living lifestyle.


Weiss Lake Real Estate in the FallIn late 2011, a Southern Living Showcase Home was built at The Bluffs.  This Showcase Home is an example of how more homes will be designed and built in the future---with significant attention to energy conservation and the environment.  This home was designed by Lew Oliver, an Atlanta-based home and community planner with an international reputation for designing entire neighborhoods around a theme of upscale living in an efficient and energy-conscious fashion.   It is being built by Wade Chappell and Chappell Construction Group.


Home site owners at The Bluffs are not required to choose a Southern Living plan or use any particular builder.  However, if they do select a Southern Living plan, The Bluffs relationship with Southern Living will entitle them to many benefits, including being able to buy the house plan at 50% of the scheduled price. 

Visit The Bluffs - You will find that the actual views are much better than the photos suggest

Weiss Lake Property at The Bluffs


Taking the electronic Lot Tour (photos at Weiss Lake property and mountain homesites) and reviewing the testimonials offered by existing property owners is a must. However, seeing the stunning water and mountain views with your own eyes is the best way to decide if The Bluffs is right for you and your family.

We hope the website provides you with much of the information you need about The Bluffs.  You should also contact us at the Weiss Lake property contact page so that we may send you the latest update on available home sites, site plans and price lists.  When you are ready, we will schedule a personal tour of the property to show you all the great home sites which are still available. 

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