Bluffs of Weiss


Healthcare Services

In The Bluffs of Weiss you are never very far from high quality healthcare services, from local clinics and doctors' offices to large regional specialty hospitals.... all your healthcare needs are covered. The availability of good healthcare services is an important factor when choosing a home location. We are pleased that first rate primary care and some advanced specialty services are available in our community.  Intermediate and acute care services are available within 30 minutes of our community and healthcare services in Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga are less than two hours from The Bluffs.  Those nearby facilities include:

1.      Cherokee Medical Center/Centre, Alabama  

a.      Five miles from Cedar Bluff 

b.      60 licensed beds/43 physicians 

2.      Dekalb Regional Medical Center/Ft. Payne, Alabama 

a.      Twenty-three miles from Cedar Bluff 

b.      134 licensed beds/71 physicians 

3.      Gadsden Regional Medical Center/Gadsden, Alabama 

a.      Thirty miles from Cedar Bluff 

b.      346 licensed beds/277 physicians 

4.      Floyd Medical Center/Rome,Georgia 

a.      Twenty-six miles from Cedar Bluff 

b.      304 licensed beds/Level II Trauma Center 

5.      Redmond Medical Center/Rome, Georgia 

a.      Twenty-seven miles from Cedar Bluff 

b.      230 licensed beds/245 physicians 

6.      Harbin Clinic/Rome, Georgia/Twenty satellite offices 

 a.      Twenty-seven miles from Cedar Bluff 

 b.      140 physicians serving northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama