Bluffs of Weiss


Mountain Property Daytrip to the US Space and Rocket Center

From your mountain property at The Bluffs, you are only a short drive from one of the highest tech museums in the country. The US Space and Rocket Center (USSRC), established in 2000, is one of the main attractions in North Alabama. This rocket center itself is a large museum where you can find the richest collection of US rockets including the historic Apollo 16 capsule. The collections are so vast and unique that you will discover the true excitement of space in the US Space and Rocket Center (USSRC).

Attractions of the US Space and Rocket Center

The main attractions of the US Space and Rocket Center are the A-12 Blackbird, Rocket Park, Museum and Saturn V. Other than these, the Center offers a number of fun rides for children as well as adults. The mind blowing Air-defying Space Shot will throw you to a height of 140 feet from the ground, in less than 5 seconds. You will also get the thrill of flying on a Helicopter in this amusement center. This space and rocket center offers a helicopter ride in a Helicopter Simulator that will take you up, fly around the building and bring you down safely to the ground.

The US Space and Rocket Center organizes academic programs and space camps. The academic programs are for children of grade 4 to grade 12. In this program, children learn about science, mathematics and aviation technology in a different atmosphere. The center also offers an exciting training program for adults that allow the participants to learn about planning and execution of a mission. This training is so natural that you may discover the Navy Seal inside you.

A-12 Blackbird

Inside the US Space and Rocket Center you can see the amazing A-12 Blackbird spy plane in front of the museum. Developed in the year 1950, A-12 Blackbird made a rich contribution to US space research. NASA used this magnificent spy aircraft for their high-speed research and development of the Space Shuttle. Not only because of its high speed, A-12 Blackbird is also famous for better spy cameras. This plane played a great role in Vietnam even after its removal from the service.

Rocket Park in USSRC

The rocket park of US Space and Rocket Center displays a wide array of US missiles and rockets. Inside the park you can find glorious missiles of the US starting from ‘Jupiter’ IRBM to ‘Atlas’ ICBM. You can also view the V2 engine of Redstone missile, NERVA nuclear engine, the shell of ‘Titan II’ ICBM and replicas of other rockets and missiles. The majestic view of Saturn I, Jupiter, Juno II, Redstone, Mercury Redstone, Jupiter C and V1 Flying Bomb from a very close distance can be a memorable experience for you in this center.

Museum in USSRC

Inside the wonderful museum of this space and rocket center you will find the first space station of the United States, Multiple Docking Adapter, and the great Apollo Telescope Mount, which was used to analyze the Sun. You will also find an Air-Lock module, the historic Lunar module and Lunar Rover, illustration of Skylab components by NASA, space junk and at the top - the command module of Apollo 16. Apart from the museum, inside the campus of US Space and Rocket Center, you will see superb construction of Saturn V.

The USSRC is open for the visitors from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. everyday except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day. The IMAX Theatre, commonly known as Space dome IMAX, is another wonderful attraction inside this space and rocket center. Admission charges of the US Space and Rocket Center are quite reasonable for adults and children. Today the US Space and Rocket Center is not only attracting local tourists, but also attracting visitors from across the globe.