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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Alabama Gourd Festival

Alabama is a popular tourist destination for not only its eye-catching natural beauty but also for the Gourd Festival that attracts tourists across the region every year. The Alabama Gourd Festival is organized by the Alabama Gourd Society to encourage gourd culture and unique crafting of gourds. This festival has become so popular that other than regional visitors, some international tourists are also gathering in Alabama to enjoy this wonderful festival of viewing gourds and crafts made of gourds.

Different events of Alabama Gourd Festival

Inside the Cullman Civic Center you will find a large collection of gourds and gourd crafts. During the festival you can partipate in classes on different gourd craftwork and artwork. The duration of these classes are mainly for 3-4 hours. You can learn and gather information on this unique art by spending only $20 - $45. However, charges vary based on the theme of the class.

Inside the festival arena you will find shops offering unusual but nice arts and crafts made from different shapes and types of gourds. You will find everything – from painted birdhouses, Santas and dolls to beautifully carved animal sculptures and decorated bowls and other gourd artwork. In this festival you can learn by viewing free demonstrations of artwork on gourds by the artists. Other attractions of this festival include musical night, dinner and auction. Dinner is available at the cost of $12 on prior reservation.

Theme classes to learn this unique gourd craftwork

All the themes are interesting and you will probably get hooked on gourdcrafting. Following are some ideas and techniques you can learn in the craftwork classes during this festival:
* Chipping pattern on the gourd
* Selecting colors and providing 3-D effect on the painting
* Use of water color and acrylic paints
* Making Halloween craftwork on gourds
* Creating bracelets and attractive embellishments with gourd pieces
* Designing and stitching functional items made of gourds
* Using different shapes of brushes for painting
* Adding geometric patterns to the craftwork
* Applying polymer clay on the gourd surface
* Making space and drilling holes in the gourd
* Using Washi Paper and real pressed flowers for decoration

Ribbon Competition – a special attraction of the gourd festival 

Other attractions of the Alabama Gourd Festival is Ribbon Competition, where you can view various gourds award winning gourds like the gourd with largest circumference, the gourd with the most unusual shape and growth, and the smallest ornamented gourd. You can enjoy gourd birdhouses, butterfly homes, wearable gourds, like masks, and different necklaces, earrings, hair barrettes made from different gourds and their pieces.

The general artworks include decorated bowls, baskets, musical instruments, music boxes, clock’ lamps, vase, pitcher, teapots and many other functional items, which are made of gourds. This ribbon competition is done in four divisions – dried gourds, current season gourds, crafted gourds and youth competition.

Gourd festival season

Alabama Gourd Festival is usually held in the month of September or October. The entry charges for this gourd festival are quite reasonable. The entry charge is $2 for adults while children under the age of 12 are free to visit the festival if they are accompanied by adult(s). For tourists, there are various accommodations like Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, Hampton Inn, Sleep Inn, Super 8 Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Best Western Fairwind Inns near the festival arena.