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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Cullman County Museum

A Replica In The Cullman Home

Just down the road from your mountain property in The Bluffs you will find Cullman, Alabama. The Cullman County Museum is built in a replica of the home of the famous founder of the city and the county, John G. Cullman. The replica of the home exists because the main building of Cullman home was destroyed in a devastating fire. The Cullman County Museum displays a unique heritage of Cullman County and has eight rooms on the main floor that are filled with a number of items that speaks volumes of the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The Cullman County Museum displays include archeological rooms and primitive rooms, all of which are filled with Indian items like lanterns, planes, plows, and items that feature people’s daily pioneer life. The clothing store features a wide selection of dresses and clothing outfits from the 1850s and also several wedding gowns. The Main Street of Cullman County Museum is interesting for the variety of stores prevalent since the early days of middle 19th century.

Individual specialties of Cullman County Museum

The Archeological Room is special for it begins the Museum tour and displays Indian artifacts, which are at least a hundred years old. The centerpiece placed in this room is a 7-foot tall carving of an Indian warrior who had been carved from bark of a sweet gum tree. There are also several arrowheads and an array of Indian collectibles in the room.

The primitive room naturally transports the tourists to a time of the past century when the hilly landscape of Cullman County was actually carved out. The room also displays a wide array of tools of those early times that were actually used to carve a living out of the hilly landscape. The weather worn wooden rafters and walls taken from the area barns include a variety of household lanterns, and other items of daily life.

The Clothing Store offers typical outfits from the 1850s, on which you can do some real window-shopping. The shops contain some unique wedding gowns and typical apparel of those ancient days. The Main Street brings to life a variety of shops, which actually existed over a hundred years ago.

Other attractions of the Cullman County Museum

The brick street provides a close look at the variety of shops like Hobby Shop, Drug Store, General Store, Doctor’s Office, Jewelry Store, and Gun shop. In front of the store threshold are replicas of an original school bell, a wishing well, and a beer wagon replica that remains stacked with scrapbooks on Cullman County life. Just a short distance away from the Main Street, is a child’s room that displays china dolls, wooden blocks, and child size furniture and wicker baby carriages, reminiscent of those olden days.

The main highlight of the Museum Tour includes the household and personal items of Col. John Cullman's room. Col. Cullman's own used sofa, washstand, bed, rocking chair, and other items, which are kept in open display speaks a tale of its own. The South Room or Wall of Pictures, in the Cullman County Museum has a studio setting from the time of grand pianos, fainting settees, and love seats. A complete history narrated through photographs of Cullman County is displayed along the walkway of the Cullman Museum.

Visit Cullman County Museum to transport yourself to and earlier and slower lifestyle.