Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Cullman County Parks and Recreation Department

Nearby Cullman is growing as one a regional tourist attraction in North Alabama and is definitely worth a daytrip from your Weiss Lake property at The Bluffs. The Cullman County Parks and Recreation Department of this county is the place where you will find enough fun activities and recreation to spend wonderful weekends with your family and friends. The main attractions of The Cullman area include Clarkson Covered Bridge, Sportsman Lake Park, Smith Lake Park and other interesting events.

Clarkson Covered Bridge

Clarkson Covered Bridge is a unique symbol of early rural America. This 270 feet long bridge was built in the year 1904. This covered bridge is located over Crooked Creek. The architecture of Clarkson Covered Bridge is excellent and strong and it can hold any weight on it. This bridge is made of planks, which are placed on both sides of the bridge like nets to generate vertical forces.

Clarkson Covered Bridge is also regarded as a historic battle spot. Battle of Hog Mountain was fought in this place on April 30, 1863, during the American Civil War. In the year 1976, citizens of Cullman and the Cullman County Commission renovated this covered bridge for American Bicentennial. Today, Clarkson Covered Bridge with nearby picnic ground and park is recognized as a favorite tourist spot of Cullman County. Near the bridge you will find Dogtrot Log Cabin, Grist Mill and hiking trails.

Sportsman Lake Park

Sportsman Lake Park is another recreation gettaway in Cullman County, where people of all age groups can enjoy and have fun throughout the day. Prime attraction of this park is Sportsman Lake. Not only the serenity of this lake, but also the natural activities of inhabitants like tame ducks, geese and fish will entertain you. Check out the dock on the lake to feed ducks and fish. This place has become a popular destination for all park visitors.

Sportsman Lake Park is also a suitable place for family and group picnics and social gatherings. You will find shaded walking trails and space for picnics and camping inside this park. Visitors can also take a joy ride of the park and the lake on mini trains. Other attractions include a mini-Ferris Wheel, a carousel, an 18-Hole miniature golf course and paddleboats. The multipurpose trail inside the park is developed for bikers, skaters and general walkers. And the best of all, there is no entry fee to enter into this wonderful park.

Smith Lake Park

The Smith Lake Park is located beside 500 miles shoreline of Smith Lake. The park is a favorite place for people who love fishing, skiing and boating. Inside the Smith Lake Park you will find both tent and RV campsites. This place also features a number of attractive picnic spots; you can also enjoy spiral water slides and wonderful swimming pool. Moreover, you can enjoy playing golf, boating on the serene lake and many other recreational activities in this park.

Cullman County Parks and Recreation Department also organizes various events and festivals throughout the year. The Antique Car Show, Annual Indian Festival and an amazing Fireworks Show on 4th July are some of the popular events. Each year the Annual Indian Festival, sponsored by the Echota Cherokee Tribe is held in this park.