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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Cullman Oktoberfest

A Variety Of German Specialist Celebrations

A must see daytrip from your mountain property at The Bluff during October is the Cullman Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest allows you to enjoy a variety of German celebrations to your heart’s content. It is a festival complete with German food, German culture and activities. Occurring during October 1st through October 10th, this festival provides excellent programs on arts and crafts, a variety of dancing and a wide selection of foods and drink.

History of Cullman Oktoberfest

The history of the Cullman Oktoberfest is patterned somewhat after the original German Oktoberfest dating back to the horse race period in 1810. Germany's Oktoberfest can be traced back to the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburg-Hausen. The marriage celebrations soon developed into a harvest festival and became amazingly popular amongst at least 40,000 people in Munich, Germany.

In 1818 Germany's Festival became extravagant with Beer being served for the first time.

There is one notable variation in Cullman's version of this festive event. No alcohol at the Cullman festival.

Cullman Oktoberfest celebrations of today

In the past, right after the fest started with the royal marriage, it became a one-time celebration of the centennial of Sacred Heart Church. With the rapid amount of success it attained, the School soon turned the mere occasion into Oktoberfest and it gained immense popularity. Since then the opening ceremonies of the fest takes place at the Cullman County Museum. On this particular day, the museum remains open till afternoon and admission is free for all people interested in the fest.

Although there will be a variety of events with typical German themes, yet the most interesting show remains Oktoberfest’s Vintage Automobile Show, which takes place at the Cullman County Museum and Train Depot. The show remains open to antiques, classics, customs, muscle cars and street rods.

Other celebrations include the Quilt Show by the Heartland Quilters, Street Lol Dance, and German Dinner, Wolfgang Moritz show, Combined Church Choir Concert, Story telling sessions from the Past living History Catholic Cemetery Tour, Dave Leonard shows, Live Local Entertainments, Children’s Activities, Arts and Crafts Fair, Dog Race, Junior Sidewalk Art show and Competition, Fashion Shows, Burgermeister’s Ball and a Heritage Play.

What to enjoy in Cullman Oktoberfest 

If you are thinking how to enjoy in the Cullman Oktoberfest, then here are just a few things to try:
* Sauerkraut, Bratwurst and German potato salads are few of the flavors that bring mouth-watering flavor to everyone. Both the area restaurants and the churches offer a wide selection of German Specialties all throughout the Oktoberfest week.
* The Alpine Express and Terry Cavanaugh come with celebrations into Cullman and add a special charm to the annual event by entertaining people with tuned cowbells, singing saws, Alphorns and other traditional folk instruments.
* Burgermeister’s Ball is held at the Cullman Civic Center. There are amazing strains and notes of music, which flows throughout the area and all can dance with their partners in a circle. Admission per person is $5 and all types of festive dresses are welcome.

The Cullman Oktoberfest is a special event that all should visit to enjoy.