Bluffs of Weiss


Lake Weiss Property Daytrip to the DeSoto State Park

A Refuge Amidst Pristine Nature

Nestled amidst the lush green mountain foliage of Lookout Mountain, the DeSoto Park is popular for tourists who want a refuge amidst purely pristine nature. The park is beautiful and ranges over an area of 5,067 acres by the Little River. It is spectacular, for along with DeSoto Falls and various cascading beauties like Little River Falls, lies the Little River Canyon (deepest canyon this side of the Mississippi River) to enhance the natural beauty of this place. You will notice that the Little River borders the mountain property at The Bluffs and this park is a very convenient daytrip from your Weiss Lake Property at The Bluffs.

Accommodation and dining facilities in DeSoto State Park

The DeSoto Park offers wonderful and convenient accommodations with chalets and cabins. The chalets and cabins are surrounded by rolling woodlands and beautiful terrains of Northeast Alabama from where you can enjoy absolute solitude as you leisurely hike down to the West Fork of Little River. Chalets and cabins are wonderful with two bedrooms, sleeping lofts, rooms with double beds, cable TV, linens, tableware, basic cookware and utensils.

You can dine continental and other dishes in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Exotic wines and delicious juices make wining a gourmet pleasure for you at the park.

Other attractions in DeSoto State Park

If you love fishing, then DeSoto State Park holds interesting fishing opportunities for you. Decorated with rushing waterfalls and fragrant wildflowers, you can sit by the lake and catch fishe from the ponds. The Little River Canyon has a scenic 20-mile parkway with picnic spots overlooking the breathtaking view of the canyons. The Nature Centers in DeSoto State Park have special park naturalists who help all visitors identify rare species of plants and other wonders.

The campground in DeSoto Park has 78 sites with water and electric hookups. The campground often provides you with opportunities for primitive camping, with laundry and nearby camp stores. There are renovated rustic cabins and wooded chalets, which are handsomely furnished and equipped with modern amenities thereby making your stay very comfortable. There are also gift shops and banquet facilities available in the DeSoto State Park.

Enjoy spectacular activities in DeSoto Park

If you are a hiker, then go for hiking down the beautifully wooded trials. The Boardwalk Trail, 360-yards in length is unique hiking trail open in all seasons. It displays some unique breathtaking views of the lush green wonders around the trail paths.

You can even use the Little River for swimming, boating and picnicking purposes. If you want to picnic with your near and dear ones, then enjoy the wide picnic pavilions equipped with a children’s playground, an expansive ball field and a modern bathhouse by the pool.

DeSoto State Park is located in Caldera County, which lies just 8 miles northeast of Fort Payne.

Following are other attractions in DeSoto State Park:
* Colonel Milford Howard’s Chapel
* The Welsh Caves
* Col. Woosley Finnell [Southern Railroad]
* Civilian Conservation Corp

 Visit DeSoto State Park to have an excellent outing in northeast Alabama near the mountain property of The Bluffs.