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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Dismals Canyon

Unspoiled Oasis Of Peace And Tranquility

Another scenic beauty that is a must-see when you are visiting your mountain property at The Bluffs is breathtaking Dismals Canyon. Tucked away in northeast Alabama near your mountain property, Dismals Canyon is an unspoiled oasis of peace and tranquility. It is a secluded lush green wilderness filled with a natural canyon tucked deep below the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. One of the finest examples of geological formations, Dismals Canyon was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1975.

Secrets of Dismals Canyon

Dismals Canyon was named a “National Natural Landmark” because of its strange wild and rugged character. The draining waters from the forest have helped in the formation of canyons and gorge systems, which are filled with landmarks like sandstone-sheltered grottos, waterfalls, giant-covered moss boulders and six natural bridges.

The canyon contains one of the oldest primeval forests east of Mississippi River, which has remained virgin and untouched by fire. It’s the waterfalls, cliffs, boulders, and natural bridges that provide Dismals Canyon with a mysterious ambience.

History of the Canyon

Dismals Canyon is located in northwest Alabama, near the town of Phil Campbell. Thousands of years ago, the Canyon was inhabited by native tribes dating back to the Stone-Ages. There is a shelter named “Temple Cave” formed on the floors of the Canyon, which was home of the Paleo Indians. The shelters were never exactly excavated but samples of Paleo pottery and arrow points that were found in various corners of Dismals Canyon. With history advancing everyday, Dismals Canyon also became home to Chickasaw, Cherokee Indians and Pueblo.

Dismals Canyon displays the undisturbed special terrain, where the roots of the trees clutch huge boulders placed under ground. It’s really interesting to view the clump of Arbutus growing out of solid rock instead of the leaf molds. It’s a spectacular sight to watch the moss and ferns cover the boulders like a thick blanket and Canadian Hemlocks rise into the air. There was an ice storm, which gave rise to twin Hemlocks from the ground. This Canadian hemlock is largest of its species in Alabama and is 138” tall.

Things to do in Dismals Canyon

The area just around the “Secret Falls” is natural terrain and has given birth to at least 27 species of native trees. “Witches Cavern” in Dismals Canyon is a beautiful labyrinth of moss and fern covered boulders and it is here that the largest colony of Dismalites resides.

During the summers, the temperature in Dismals Canyon hovers below 57 degrees. There are no mosquitoes, or poison flies so the guides often allow night tours. The night tours are simply wonderful as you can view the glow-in-the-dark creatures in the forest wilderness.

Following are activities you can explore in Dismals Canyon:
* Explore the mysterious sanctuaries where Chickasaw Indians have held various rituals.
* Hike through the limestone trails walking by the thundering waterfalls, and travel into the secret world of giant trees and ferns.
* Swim in the pool carved out of solid rocks by the rushing waters of Dismals Canyon.
* Canoeing down Bear Creek, lying on the placid beaches, fishing in the crystal clear waters, or simply drifting aimlessly amidst the rock cliffs promise an adventurous time ahead.

Dismals Canyon was chosen as one of the shooting locations by Discovery Channel. The Canyon was chosen for its deep green wilderness, lush green vegetation and for holding world’s most unique green resources.