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Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Early Works History Complex

Ready to check out the local history of the area. Next time you visit your Weiss Lake property be sure to check out the Early Works History Complex. This is a wonderful museum complex, located in nearby Huntsville, Alabama. This complex is formed by four amazing structures – Early Works Children’s Museum, Historic Huntsville Depot, Alabama Constitution Village and Humphreys Rodgers House. The objective of this museum complex is to offer hands-on learning facility of historical events. Throughout the year this museum complex arranges various programs, fun activities, exhibitions and special events for all age groups.

Early Works Children’s Museum

This is the largest hands-on history museum developed for children in the Southeast. Inside Early Works Children’s Museum children can learn the history of Alabama and also find various fun events and activities. This museum offers a world of fun inside it. Children can hear interesting stories from a talking tree or can walk through the ‘Passages’ to learn the heritage of African Americans.

The interactive exhibition on architecture provides a hands-on experience to your children to learn how early buildings were designed and constructed. The museum will take the children back to 17th century to teach them some of the agricultural and industrial history of Alabama. The museum remains open from Tuesday to Saturday.
Historic Huntsville Depot

Huntsville Depot is the oldest railroad structure, which was built around in the year 1860. Other attractions inside this complex are Alabama’s largest public model railroad, and graffiti written by great American soldiers. You can listen to Alabama’s railway history and experience the excitement of the American Civil War from the exhibition.

The ‘kid’s corner’ offers various fun activities for children like trying on costumes, train puzzles and maps. The museum remains open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Alabama Constitution Village

Enter the Alabama Constitution Village to explore more of Alabama’s history. The place will take you back to the 19th century where you will find eight reconstructed building in Federal style, villagers dressed in typical clothing. Don’t miss the Folk Life Festival of Alabama Constitution Village to learn about the arts, crafts and domestic activities of 19th century Alabama.

Inside this wonderful world, friendly interaction with villagers and the noise of the spinning wheel will definitely make you nostalgic. Alabama Constitution Village remains open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Humphreys Rodgers House

David C. Humphreys built this historic structure in the year 1848. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company renovated the building in 1972 and made it a wonderful tourist attraction. In this historic house you will find rich collections like old period rooms, attractive artworks and surprising large pocket doors and 11 foot high ceilings.

Other Early Works collections include a wide range of Humphreys possessions like display cabinets, unique chairs, elegant sofas made of Mahogany Wood. You can also view the amazing 1850’s Vose concert grand piano and many small artifacts and figurines.

Shopping at Early Works History Complex

Apart from visiting this historic attraction, you can also have amazing shopping experience in all museums. Children can buy fun games and toys from the Fun & Games Kid’s Shop at Early Works Children’s Museum. Adults can select their favorite games, books and activities inside each museum complex. Finally don’t miss the mouthwatering freshly baked foods at the Villager’s Confectionary Shop.