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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Little River Canyon National Reserve

The spectacular Lookout Mountains in northeast Alabama host the breathtaking Little River Canyon flowing through the Appalachian Plateau. This is home to the scenic Little River Canyon National Reserve. Here you will find stream riffles, forested uplands, canyon rims, waterfalls, bluffs, pools, boulders and sandstone cliffs. It is hard to believe such a breathtaking scenic wonderland is only a few miles away from your mountain property at The Bluffs. This will quickly become a favorite for a quick picnic.

History of Little River Canyon National Reserve

The history of the Little River Canyon National Reserve blends both natural resources and cultural heritage of the Southern Appalachians. Just above the rim of the canyon, the hardwood trees nestle and surround the entire canyon.

The Little River falls with a great gush onto the rocks like a steam furnace and creates a misty cloud of vapor. The Little River National Reserve was established on October 21, 1992. The Reserve was established to protect and preserve the natural, recreational, cultural and scenic resources of the area. Hunting and trapping in the National Reserve follow the state and federal laws.

Things to see and do in Little River Canyon National Reserve

The Little River National Reserve Park protects and allows the visitors to enjoy a variety of natural resources including rare, threatened and endangered species, habitats and outstanding protected waters. Tourists visiting the Little River National Reserve Park can enjoy sightseeing as well as kayaking, climbing, picnicking and an array of other water sports.

The Little River Canyon National Reserve runs for approximately 14,000 acres and is accessible by tourists at any time of the year. When spring approaches there is an abundance of color including rare species of flowers in bloom in throughout the Park. And the trees become dense in the humid wet summers. With the winters snowfalls make the park magnificent and beautiful.

Places to visit in Little River Canyon National Reserve Park

The Little River Canyon National Reserve Park has three main spots that should be visited by every tourist.

  • Little River Falls are located on the State Highway and at the base of the waterfall is situated a conveniently located parking lot. This scenic area becomes the greatest tourist attraction just after a heavy shower.
  • The second spot, Canyon Mouth Park, is a daily use facility, where you can do picnics, hiking and wading in a huge sandy beach. Toilet facilities and fishing are available.
  • The third spot, called the Eberhart Point, has a 3/4-mile hiking trail that leads down into the magnificent scenic canyon.

All three features are connected by the 23 miles long Canyon Rim Parkway that begins at Canyon Mouth Park.

Little River Canyon National Preserve is adjacent to DeSoto State Park and is close to the Cloudmont Ski Resort, Russell Cave National Monument, Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia, and the eastern unit of Talladega National Forest. The National Park overlooks the Mushroom Rock, Crow’s Point and Lizard Wall, thereby giving all tourists a spectacular view of the entire Canyon.