Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Mountain Valley Art Council

Mountain Valley Art Council (MVAC) is a non-profit organization engaged in the advancement of artworks in Marshall County. Since 1971 Mountain Valley Art Council is trying hard to offer high quality art programs to the citizens of Marshall County. The objective of this Art Council is to encourage all types of arts that improve human experience.

Mountain Valley Art Council works for expanding the aesthetic value among the people of Marshall County. The wide array of art and cultural activities of Mountain Valley Art Council turned the Marshall County to a tourist attraction for those who admire regional art works. The growing number of participants in the art and cultural activities is definitely the encouraging force behind the success of this Art Council.

Winterfest and Jr. Winterfest – a popular bi-annual art exhibition

If you are visiting your mountain property at The Bluff in the winter months, don’t miss this event. The wonderful Winterfest exhibition is organized by the council during the month of January. This festival lets you enjoy colorful artworks on canvas, paper and on mixed media and realize the aesthetic value of colorful artworks. The 3-dimentional works and photography corner of Winterfest exhibition ground will definitely amaze you. The 3-dimensional works display unique sculpture, pottery, baskets and wearable art works.

Like Winterfest, Mountain Valley Art Council organizes another art exhibition-with-competition during the end of February. The event continues till the middle of March. In this festival you can find little hands moving on a paper or trying to build a sculpture in their own way. This exhibition and competition is strictly for students to encourage the sense of artwork among them.

Each year Mountain Valley Art Council sponsors these colorful exhibitions with active financial support from many organizations. Some of these organizations are Sand Mountain Reporter, Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Marshall County Foundation for Fine Arts, Alabama State Council on the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.

Move with the music at Lakeside Summer Concert

Don’t miss the musical extravaganza on the banks of Guntersville Lake. This can be a memorable part of your North Alabama mountain property tour. The admission to this concert is free for all age groups. Here you can get the chance to rock or tango with a wide range of music. You will hear Jazz, Classical, Rock, Country and even Big Bands throughout the day. In the Children’s Corner of the festival ground there is enough fun and entertainment to keep your children busy.

Summer Arts Camp – a colorful festival for children

This is the two weeks long annual event for children and is organized by the Mountain Valley Art Council. In the Summer Art Camp children can not only participate in the competition but also view the artworks of others and be guided by trained artists, art teachers and trained volunteers. The camp inside the festival arena gives the children hands on experience in various performing arts like 2-dimensional and 3-dimentional art work, music, dance and drama.

Group activities like visual art projects help the children understand the rich sense of artworks more closely. Mountain Valley Art Council also offers scholarships to the young artists whose family cannot manage the cost of training. Though the Summer Arts camp is only for children, you will find professional dance groups, musicians, artists and theatre companies performing in the festival grounds to inspire young minds.