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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Natural Bridge of Alabama

North Alabama features some best golf courses, serene lakes, woodlands of Bankhead National Forest, gargling sound of Tennessee River and the wonderful Natural Bridge inside the Natural Bridge Park. Northwest of Birmingham you will find a 148-foot long rocky bridge, which is commonly known as Natural Bridge of Alabama.

North Alabama is also popular for the wide array of outdoor leisure it offers. Each year North Alabama is crowded with tourists from across the region. This unique bridge, which is the treasure of North Alabama, has become quite a popular tourist attraction. This bridge, surrounded by green forest, is truly a gem of nature that you will want to visit from your mountain property in The Bluffs.

A bridge so natural 

If you want to check out a giant rocky natural bridge that hovers over 60 feet above ground level then Natural Bridge Park is the right spot. This is the longest natural bridge east of the Rockies.

The natural bridge of Alabama was formed due to natural erosion of a tributary stream, more than 200 million years ago. The entire bridge is made of sandstone and is the best picnic spot near Birmingham. The bridge is inside a forest that is known as Natural Bridge Park.

Due to insurance concerns, the Park’s administrators do not allow visitor to walk over this natural bridge. This natural bridge is a popular landmark near the small town originally called Larrisa. And due to the popularity of this unique natural bridge, the name of that town was changed to Natural Bridge Town.

Natural Bridge Park

The Natural Bridge Park of North Alabama is a great place for nature enthusiasts. The Park opened its door for the visitors in 1954. It is said that Creek Indians, who lived in this area, used this natural bridge for their shelter. Corresponding to the bridge you will find an Indian stone head. People said that this stone head is the symbol of an Indian chief.

Other attractions of Natural Bridge Park

Other than this historic natural bridge you will find accommodations for picnics inside the park. Below the bridge you will find a wide cave area. The cave area is so comfortable that you can enjoy a picnic even in the rainy season. You can buy some wonderful hand crafted items from the gift shops of the park to make your tour memorable.

The park remains open from 8 A.M. till one of nature’s best treasure in north Alabama.