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Mountain Property Daytrip to the North Alabama Railroad Museum 

Want to become a railfoad buff on your visit to your mountain property at The Bluffs? Then be sure to check out the North Alabama railroad museum just east of Huntsville, Alabama. The museum still preserves relics of railway displays, so tourists harboring a love for trains can discover details about the origin and development of the trains in the railroad museum. While the museum holds a special significance of its own, it is both attractive and unique for all tourists aspiring for railroad preserve history.

To visit North Alabama railroad museum, you need to head north to Meridian Street, then turn right on Chase road, and you will reach the highway that leads to the museum. Parking is free near the museum and handicap parking is also available near the depot.

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Ambitious programs offered by the railroad museum

The North Alabama railroad museum is of special interest to railroad historians and also to tourists who love to learn more about railroad history. The museum participates in ambitious programs, as follows:
* Restoration of Passenger Coach – this is required to handle the overflow of passengers. The diesel generator and windows have been recently replaced.
* Restoration of ALCo/ GE/ Ingersoll - Rand Boxcab Locomotive – it acts as a forerunner of modern day diesel locomotive and provides new traction motors and electrical, which moved this 300 horsepower prime mover.
* Other miscellaneous activities still in progress:
  o Roof repair of several coaches
  o Track maintenance
  o Converting flat car for use as a brush and tree trimming car

The North Alabama Railroad Museum has also recently started its School Excursion program. During the years 1971 and 1986 there were sponsored train rides in cooperation with Southern Railway where at least 100,000 teachers and children participated in this program by riding the special trains. Now the North Alabama Railroad museum is offering special school excursions, which consist of a special program for kindergarten, first and second grade classes.

There are programs for children as well as for teachers to provide them with fun and excitement. The visit includes a tour of Chase Depot, a special tour of the museum's passenger train, a movie or slide presentation in the audio-visual car, and a ride on the museum's real excursion train.

Interesting activities occurring in railroad museum

Often the North Alabama railway museum holds special programs and events, that make the tourist experience even better.

* Railroad History Festival / Open House – view the spectacular railroad equipment and photographs, and also take a train round of the entire museum.
* Senior Caravan – this is for the elderly person with maximum accommodation flexibility and allows them to spend more time in the sun.
* Father’s Day and Mother’s Day – provide special train rides to fathers and mothers.
* Goblin Special – Halloween special trips where children are offered spooky train rides and a history of spooky train operations.

So if you are a lover of railway history and relics, then visit North Alabama Railroad Museum.