Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Orbix Hot Glass Blowers

Alabama is a popular tourist destination for not only its eye-catching natural beauty but also for the Orbix Hot Glass blowing studio on the top of Little River Canyon. A number of the Bluffs residents routinely visit the glass blowing studio for a fun daytrip from their Weiss Lake property.

Orbix Hot Glass Studio

World class glass blower, Cal Breed, has his glass studio on the top of Little River Canyon.  Their web site is  Be sure to check out their website... this really is world class glass blowing like you would expect to see being produced in glass studios in Europe.  If you haven't gone yet, it is definitely a trip to do.  Local Bluffs of Weiss residents, Betsy and Ryan Rainer report "we've been several times and are friends with the Breeds (the owners).  We went in December and our kids were able to pick their own colors and blow ther own Christmas ornaments.  They are very proud of the ornaments.  To say that their color choices were less than "traditional" is an understatement, but who am I to hamper their creativity!"

Regarding the Orbix Hot Glass studio, the Rainers report that Cal also makes an amazing variety of bowls, vases, and other beautiful blown glass objects.  The Rainers especially like to go watch the process while Cal is making some of his more elaborate pieces.  I suspect you will enjoy a trip to the glass studio to watch too.

Several times per year, Orbix allows visitors to blow their own ornament or make their own paperweights.  Visitors and owners at The Bluffs may want to plan a trip around those special events.  Orbix and the Breeds have been featured in Southern Living and the ornament blowing has become very popular event in the area.