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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Panoply Arts Festival 

Panoply Arts Festival, with its array of activities, events and performances offers a fun outing for all. Traditionally, the festival is held in the downtown of Huntsville’s Big Spring Park. People from surrounding communities visit Decatur to enjoy the wonders of Panoply arts Festival as will mountain property owners at The Bluffs.

The Panoply Arts Festival occurs during April 22 – 24. The very word “Panoply” means “wonderful array” which means it is an array of activities, arts and entertainment that was started in 1982 by The Junior League. During the Festival, Big Spring Park is teaming with painters, sculptors and lovers of art and architecture.

The Panoply Festival is planned, staffed, sponsored and funded by the Huntsville community. Admission to the Festival very affordable and worthwhile.

Panoply Arts Festival Activities

Panoply Arts Festival offers the best of local and touring performances. The festival celebrates arts with a wide selection of demonstrations, performances, exhibits, and hands-on activities. There are at least five stages that are constructed throughout the park with scheduled performances of a variety of programs including bluegrass, jazz bands, gospel and many more musical concerts.

When the Panoply Arts Festival is taking place, you should visit the Boeing Art marketplace, which becomes another huge attraction for tourists. There are artists from the region, who enter this juried art show in expectations of winning titles like Award of Distinction and the Best of Show. Artists aspiring for prizes range from painters and jewelers to primitive artists and photographers.

The Art Marketplace also features the Arts Demo Village, where artists can demonstrate their art and crafts and win various kinds of awards.

Special attractions for children

The Panoply Arts Festival has something for everyone. Whether you are a kid or a grown up, you are entertained with various programs and functions in the Panoply Arts Festival. Take your children to Kid’s Art Yard, where there are number of activities to bring out the creative side in your children. They can enhance the imaginative side of the children as they make bracelets, key chains, beaded rings, dolls and paintings.

The best program for children include the Publix Kids’ Stage, where they host puppet performances, educational classes on music, and magnificent doll shows. The children’s programs are completely free of cost.

Panoply Arts Festival in North Alabama is one of the most popular productions of The Arts Council, Although the Arts Council also finances other programs like Arts in Education, Arts Services, Concerts in the Park and Community Information services. The Arts Council also serves more than 65 organizations, which are involved in presenting and supporting arts.

Visit Panoply Arts Festival to watch the best of arts and crafts in North Alabama.