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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Racking Horse World Celebration

Horse lovers and equestrians visiting The Bluffs in September must come down off their mountain property hideaway to participate in the popular Racking Horse World Celebration. This is a special event held in north Alabama every year during late September. Despite the rich natural beauty and gentle mountain breezes of the region you will find that the Alabama air becomes electric as the best racking horses of the season stride proudly into the Celebration arena of Decatur, Alabama.

History of Racking Horse World Celebration

Decatur, Alabama is known for its Racking Horse World Celebration, an event where local horse lovers as well as horse lovers from different parts of the region gather. This evolved from a very old festival in North Alabama that later became so popular that the Racking Horse Breeders Association of America, commonly known as RHBAA, started organizing racking horse twice every year.

In 1972, RHBBA first celebrated the Racking Horse World Celebration. At that time it was a one-day event with 257 horses and 23 classes of Racking Horse participated in this event. The recent celebration occurred over a nine day period with 2000 beautiful Racking Horses of 151 different classes participating in this wonderful extravaganza. This event has obviously gained huge popularity, which has increased gradually every year and it is recorded that as many as 75,000 horse lovers have attended the recent Racking Horse World Celebration.

Beauty of Racking Horse

The Racking Horse is an American breed horse, which is popularly known for its rack. The special feature of this horse is the nature of striking the foot on the ground. Since one foot of the horse strikes the ground at a time therefore, the racking horse is often called as ‘single-foot’ horse. Racking horses are also famous for their beauty. Their necks are long and sloping with finely textured hair. Legs of the racking horse are smooth and the horses are found in different attractive colors like black, brown, bay, chestnut, yellow, gray and spotted.

The Big Show of September 

At Princeville, every year, the Racking Horse World Celebration occurs in the celebration arena. Alabama based Southeast Tourism Society considers this celebration as one of the ‘Top 20 events in the Southeast’. Racking Horse World Celebration also has economic impact on Decatur and its nearby region.

Other attractions of this celebration

The Racking Horse World Celebration is an event full of fun. You will find many wonderful activities around the celebration arena. Other than Racking Horse shows, there are events like horse sales, from where you can buy a racking horse of your choice. You can also participate in other events like a barn decorating contest, fishing tournament and golf tournament. The Racking Horse World Celebration is also a great time for children to enjoy throughout the week. Other than riding events for young horse riders there are exciting skating parties and scavenger hunts for young visitors.

There are many motels like American Inn, Budget Inn, Days Inn, Hampton Inn, Microtel Inn & Suites, Nitefall Motel and Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Decatur, where you can stay comfortably during this event. The admission charge to enjoy this wonderful event is quite reasonable for all - adults need to pay $5 to enter the show while children of 6 and under are free to enter the celebration arena. The parking fee per vehicle in the celebration arena is $3.