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Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Rome Braves

When you purchased Weiss Lake property at The Bluffs, I bet you never expected to be so close to a major league baseball facility. The Rome Braves is a baseball farm team of the Atlanta Braves that plays home games in Rome, Georgia. The team is a part of South Atlantic League and was formerly known as the Macon Braves. Rome Braves play out of the new State Mutual Stadium, which has 5000 seating capacity and is the main attraction for baseball lovers in northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama.

Rome Braves – Team Rome 

The pitching coach Jim Czajkowaski and dedicated players were the secret behind the success of Rome Braves in 2005. The Rome Braves team is formed with talented college and high school baseball players. Bobby Moore and the manager, Rocket Wheeler, are the two major pillars of this wonderful team. Staying close with the players who have wide array of professional experiences, Bobby and Rocket are struggling for the best results of Rome Braves.

Best performances by the Braves

In 2005, other than the month September, the performance of Rome Braves on the field was outstanding throughout the session. Rome Braves also made history in the home stadium by with a win-loss record of 40-29. On June 7th 2005 Rome Braves enjoyed their first no-hitter victory by defeating Sand Gnats in the ninth. The Rome Braves also had 9 consecutive victories and 14 wins under its belt. From

Rome Braves supporters 

Today the number of fans of the Rome Braves has increased to 232,187. Throughout the year, on an average 3465 fans were present in each game to cheer on their Braves. You will find big crowd of Rome Braves fans from Rome, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Alabama in the State Mutual Stadium roaring and shouting on the victory of their favorite team. Other than the fans, Rome Braves also has good media coverage. Feature stories about the Rome Braves have run in the Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution and other regional and local print media.

The name of Rome Braves has also popped up in publications like Baseball America. CSS, a popular local cable system with approximately 4 million subscribers in Georgia has broadcasted several games of Rome Braves. Another cable icon- FSN South, who has more than 10 million subscribers in Georgia, has also broadcasted live games of Rome Braves. Apart from these cable service providers, Rome Braves also has good support from radio channels.

The other attractions surrounding the Rome Braves are themed nights, pep rallies, concerts and giveaways including lunch boxes, baseball bats, team photos, foam-fingers, and t-shirts. Ceremonial events organized by Rome Braves have included Parrot Head Paradise Night, buffet-music, firework shows and live bands and karaoke.