Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum

Your Weiss Lake property in The Bluffs is literally surrounded by small towns and attractions of historical significance. Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum is one of those. This museum is a very nicely restored depot and museum located at the heart of downtown Stevenson. This place, situated between the two major railroads, deserves a visit when you are in North Alabama. The museum contains many exhibits detailing the history of Stevenson and its role in the Civil War.

Collections in Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum

The mission of Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum is to preserve an important part of railroading history through the display of railroading related artifacts. These artifacts are the center of attraction of this wonderful museum. Apart from displaying the artifacts, this museum is also preserving the significant era of railroading by displaying the artifacts from other parts of the area’s past. You will find the artifacts of Native American Culture, pioneer life and American Civil War events displayed in this museum. Among these collections, the museum is proud to have the historic depot building, which is also considered as the largest artifact of this museum.

Stevenson Depot Building 

Stevenson Depot Building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was built in the year 1872. This historic building is situated on the ruins of Stevenson’s first railroad depot, which was built in the year 1852 and used for railroads to connect Nashville – Chattanooga and Memphis – Charleston. The original depot was destroyed during or after the American Civil War and the present depot was built later in the same place.

Stevenson Hotel

Next to the Stevenson Depot and Museum there is another historic structure called Stevenson Hotel, which was built in the same year i.e. 1872. This hotel was mainly built for passengers to have food and take rest when trains stopped for reloading water and coal. Later, the Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum Board purchased the property to save it from sure demolition. Now, the building houses a Mexican Restaurant to serve the visitors of Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum. Both the depot museum and the hotel play an important role in Stevenson’s community life.

Stevenson Depot Days Festival

Stevenson Depot Days is the only festival of this wonderful museum. This event is held every year in the month of June. Major attractions of Stevenson Depot Days festival are parades, ice cream social, tasty breakfast and museum visit. Other attractions include colorful street dance, clogging, concerts, Alabama Bug Jam and exciting Pro Lawnmower Racing. There are also activities for the kids and Quilt show and Raffle

The Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum is open from Monday to Friday - from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. On Saturday, from April to November, this museum opens at 8 A.M. and closes at 4 P.M. The museum remains closed on Sunday. There is no entry fee in this museum. Only the street dance with Cross Plains Band during the Depot Days festival is charged $1 as admission fee.