Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Stonebridge Golf Club 

What could be finer that resting on the porch of you Weiss Lake property home in The Bluffs after a challenging day of golf. The Stonebridge Golf Course is only one of the nearby courses waiting to challenge you. Stonebridge is located at the base of Lavender Mountain in Georgia. This is not only a beautiful Georgia mountain location but also a popular place for golf lovers and players. For them, the best-kept secret of southern golf is Stonebridge Golf Course, which is considered one of the best conditioned golf course in Georgia.

The best golf course in Georgia 

The man behind this beautiful green golf course is Arthur Davis, who designed Stonebridge to make it ideal place for all types of golfers. The wooded area was converted into a 240-acre golf course, which is now recognized as one of the 50 best golf courses in America. You can’t escape the beauty of tall Georgia pines in this world famous golf course. Apart from the beauty, Stonebridge Golf Course is a great golf bargain too, compared to other comparable American golf courses. According to GOLF Magazine, you can check out this course for as little as $50 for a round.

The 127-acre lake inside the Stonebridge golf course is the main beauty of this great course. The lake has its own identity. There is a stone bridge over the lake which itself is the signature of the ‘Stonebridge golf course’. Other than this serene lake, you will find marshland-type hazards, grass bunkers, and fairways in Stonebridge.

The statistics of the Stonebridge golf course definitely attracts serious golfers looking to enjoy a great round. Apart from course rating and course record, which are 73 and 63, respectively, there are 128 slopes and 18 holes in this golf course. Among them, the best scenic beauty is available from the No. 6 hole. From here you can get the wide view of the horizon. On a clear day it is possible to get a clear view up to 30 miles away form this hole. From here you can also locate that majestic signature stone bridge of this golf course.

Facilities available in Stonebridge golf course 

This golf course is open for all ages and the rates are quite affordable for members. In general, like other golf courses, rates during the weekdays are less than weekend rates. These rates also vary on tee time, and between seniors and juniors. Playing before 2 pm is costlier than playing after 2 pm. Moreover, the rates for junior players are less than that of seniors.

As a member, you can also participate in exciting player programs at attractive rates, a 10% discount on golf shop merchandise, four complementary passes for your guests and efficient advance tee time booking through the Internet or telephone.

You have to get annual passport from Stonebridge golf course to get the excitement of golf as well as the eye catching natural beauty of the course. Golfers and golf lovers who are above 55 years old are eligible for Senior Passport while Junior Passport is available for young golfers who are less than 18 years.