Bluffs of Weiss


Weiss Lake Property Daytrip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center

Don't make another trip to see the Weiss Lake property of The Bluffs unless you plan a side trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Have you ever wondered where all that lost baggage and freight ends up? It is right there in Scottsboro, in Unclaimed Baggage Center, where you can buy it back! Unclaimed Baggage Center is a popular store to go for shopping in Alabama. This is an ideal stop for adventurous shopping since you will literally find the entire world inside this wonderful store.

Unclaimed Baggage Center is located in the foothills of the North Alabama Appalachian mountain range where you will also find the lakeview mountain property  of The Bluffs. Apart from a wide array of luggage items, you will also find other interesting items like sporting goods, electronics, cameras, jewelry, books and designer optical products. This store was opened in 1970 and started operation on a part time basis. But due to its immense popularity it quickly turned into a full time shopping store, taking up a complete city block.

Shopping at Unclaimed Baggage Center

On the weekdays the shop is open from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. However, on Saturdays the store opens one hour prior to its ordinary time. Unclaimed Baggage Center accepts all types of payment including cash, personal check, and credit and debit cards like Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.

The treasure of Unclaimed Baggage Center

Items, which are declared as unclaimed after intensive tracking by the airlines, form the major inventory of Unclaimed Baggage Center. The center collects the lost and unclaimed items from various shipping lines. However, unclaimed cargo is quite different from unclaimed baggage. In general, unclaimed cargo are found with original packaging. On the other hand, most of the unclaimed baggage items are lost items. Inside the Unclaimed Baggage Center you will also find special areas to buy lost or unclaimed cargo at very attractive rates.

Museum inside Unclaimed Baggage Center

The museum inside this center is also a interesting attraction for visitors. You can view some wonderful and eccentric items in this museum. But the prime attractions are - ancient Egyptian Artifacts made during 304 BC, figurine of a gnome-like gatekeeper, and a nice violin of 16th century origin.

Clothing items at Unclaimed Baggage Center

Clothing items consist of more than half of the store’s stock. You will find a separate clothes area for children and infants. These items are quite affordable and available in a variety of colors and designs. Starting from kids’ sleepers to school uniforms, different types of weekend clothes and playing apparels are available for your children in this store, at reasonable price. Men’s section offers a wide range clothes and accessories for men, including a variety of business suits to smart sportswear. On the other hand, the ladies section offers all types of ladies wear like clothing, accessories, lingerie and shoes.
Other wonderful items

The Unclaimed Baggage Center is also an attractive place for art-loving people. You will find a rich collection of excellent paintings, prints and posters to furnish your home. All artworks are available in different types of attractive frames. Some of these are so old that it is impossible to know their origin.

Café inside the store

When you are tired of shopping refresh yourself by having a cup of coffee at the Cups Espresso Café. Other than its famous Starbucks Coffee you can also have a fresh chocolate chip cookie and tasty snacks in this cafe.