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Mountain Property Daytrip to the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays

Nestled in the fields along Yellow Creek, in Guntersville North Alabama you find Yellow Creek Sporting Clays - one of the most popular clubs for enjoying shooting sports, commonly known as shotgun sports. This place is so unique that you can enjoy your weekend with your family in this sporting clay course. While you enjoy the shooting games, let your family enjoy the beauty of magnificent mountains and have delicious food and drink in the restaurant at Yellow Creek Sporting Clays.

North Alabama is a place where you can find all types games and amusements like golf, baseball and sporting clay. And the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays is the center of attraction in North Alabama for the people who love shotgun sports. This is just down the road from your mountain property at The Bluffs and is bound to become a regular passtime for Bluffs residents that enjoy shooting and hunting sports.

Special attraction of Yellow Creek Sporting Clays 

Once you enter the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays you will see all types clay target presentations like Rabbits, 60mm Mini, 90mm Quail, Pheasant, Battue and Teal. The specialty of Yellow Creek Sporting Clays is its changing shooting course. Among all targets in this course 30-40% targets are considered as special targets, therefore Yellow Creek attracts new shooters as well as competitive shooters. You can alos enjoy the experience of wing shooting in the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays.

Spend entire day with clay targets and shotguns

The shooting prices are so reasonable that you can easily afford to spend a whole day inside the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays. Per hour shooting rate is $50 and you can buy necessary sporting items that include 10 clay targets, 10 shotgun shells, and ear and eye protection by paying only $10. Members only have to pay $17 and $27 for 50 and 100 sporting clays, respectively. Non-members, on the other hand, have to pay $23 and $32 for 50 and 100 sporting clays, respectively.

The course also offers a night shooting facility. However, for this, members and non-members have to pay $6 and $8, respectively, for 25 clay targets. A shotgun is the primary tool in this sport. Shotguns are available for members and non-members at $5 and $10, respectively. Apart from all these, Yellow Creek Sporting Clays offers Family Membership and Corporate Membership at the cost of $100 and $500 per annum, respectively.

Restaurant inside the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays

You can have a wide array of delicious foods and drinks in the Restaurant inside the Yellow Creek Sporting Clays. Different types of appetizers are available in the price range of $1.25 to $8.15. The other available food items include Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas and Salads. Dinners and Breakfasts, offered by Yellow Creek Sporting Clays, are also very delicious. For breakfast you can have Chicken Fingers, Catfish Fingers, Popcorn Shrimp and Sampler Breakfast. Delicious Ice Creams are also available along with flavored milk, regular milk, different shakes, Coke, Diet Coke, and Tea.